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Choosing a wedding photographer is a difficult task, especially for a destination wedding. After lots of research and time spent browsing online, we decided on Christie (based on her style of photography and all of the excellent reviews.) Of the many decisions made in preparation for our wedding, this was one of our best.
Christie and her husband Matt are professionals. They know exactly what to do, and are able to tell you exactly what to do in order to produce the most amazing wedding photographs you can imagine. She doesn't just take pictures, she creates art and shows your wedding through a story of photographs. I would definitely recommend her to any Bride who wants to feel like a star on her wedding day, and any couple who wants the memories captured beautifully.

Andie + Matt


Rachel + John

We fell in love with Christie from the moment we first met her a year before our wedding. Her portfolio wow-ed us, of course, but what really confirmed it for us was Christie's personality. She was so down to earth, friendly and easy to talk to -- she definitely was someone we wanted to have by our side on our wedding day. She's super professional, yet so personable at the same time. On the wedding day itself, Christie and her husband Matt were so fabulous to work with. They gave us the easiest directions to follow and we felt like we were in safe hands. We never had to worry - we knew that Christie was on top of everything, like all the detail shots and following the timeline of the day. Coordinator aside, you could tell that she could command the day (in a good way) and as a result of being so organized and on top of things, you know that you're gonna get a good set of photos because nothing was rushed or missed out on. Christie goes above and beyond and it just felt so natural with her throughout the entire process. We received some preview photos from Christie shortly after our wedding and we were blown away. Skills and professionalism aside, we just loved Christie and Matt for how they made us feel on the day - safe and taken care of. Thank you so much, Christie and Matt!

Rachel + John


Sarah & Ed

Christie and Matt are amazing photographers, and special people as well. We hired them for our wedding at the Moana Surfrider in March 2017, and then found out they would be traveling through London (where we live) a few months before. We met up in London and spent some time together, and then got to do an engagement shoot ahead of the wedding! My husband was quite nervous for the whole "photo shoot" aspect of the wedding, and Christie and Matt made him feel so comfortable - they are an incredible couple. At our wedding, in Oahu I really didn't want anything too staged - I felt nervous about having to "perform" and not be in the moment. Christie listened to everything I wanted, and she was always quietly in the corner, snapping amazing pics. We just received our pictures back, and there were moments I didn't even know she was there for! Her and Matt just kind of slid into the background and captured the emotion of everything, as if they were guests at the wedding. They really got all of the joy, emotion, excitement, nerves, all of it - in a simple candid shot. At our wedding, during the scheduled bride/groom pictures we had a lot of rain. In addition, I became quite emotionally overwhelmed with the fact that I'd just gotten married - and I had to shorten the photography portion, just to have some time with my new husband. Christie and Matt slipped into the background, and when I turned around they had left us with drinks! I found out later she had taken some beautiful, candid pictures of us from a distance. At one point Christie started fanning me when I was too hot, and even shielded me from the rain! They will feel like part of your guests, and you'll be sorry to say goodbye! I cannot say enough good thing. Hire Christie and Matt - you will be so happy you did!

On the day, Christie and Matt made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and guided us through the shots with ease. These guys are pros and it's not hard to see why. Her knowledge of the venue was a real asset since she was able to get photos of us in many different locations throughout the venue, including one "secret" spot that was the backdrop of our favorite photos from the day. Christie, only a few days after the wedding, sent us over 100 photos highlighting different parts of the day. This allowed us to share these photos immediately with family and friends and we were all blown away with how amazing the photos were. We honestly would have been happy with just the "highlight" photos, but we were so thrilled to receive the full set of photos that included even more incredible shots only two months after the wedding. These are photos we will cherish and share for the rest of our lives and we highly recommend Christie Pham Photography.